Send a video email “card” to your loved ones this holiday season

When I was younger, I used to get really excited this time each year as Christmas cards started to fill my parents’ mailbox. Every evening I would flip through the new photos we’d received that day.

When I go home for the holidays as an adult, I still flip through all those photos and letters, but I mostly just marvel at how I don’t remember hardly any of these people! And yet they are still spending the time, money, and effort to put a photo in the mail (not to mention keeping up with the frequent address changes we’ve had).

It’s sweet, but, I wonder if anyone actually feels anything when they get a Christmas or New Year’s card? Some may call these cards personal, but I disagree. These are photos sent out in mass with a printed message on each slip. The only thing personal is if they hand wrote the mailing address (and even that’s rare!).

So if you want to send out something that’s both personal and more cost efficient this holiday season, consider sending out a video email “card” using mailVU.

You’ll save time and money by not having to stuff, address, and stamp all those envelopes. While I don’t help out with this effort anymore, just thinking about the hours spent around the dining room table getting the Christmas cards together makes my hand hurt.

Instead, just upload a list of contacts into your mailVU account, record or upload a video, and send it out to all of the people in your list!

video email holiday card

I can hear the protests now: “But Lucy! This isn’t tradition! Don’t you know that we always send out a Christmas card?”

Here’s what I have to say about that: Why is sending out a card around the holidays a tradition in the first place? Isn’t it because you want to have at least one semi-intimate connection with the people on your mailing list during the year (other than liking a Facebook post, perhaps)?

If your goal is to waste time, get arthritis, and spend money, then go with the traditional Christmas card sending method. But if you are actually looking to have a more meaningful connection with these folks, I’d recommend getting the webcam or video recorder out.

Now this is uncharted territory for most of us. What do you even talk about in a video email holiday card? Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Gather your family to sing & record your favorite holiday carol

  • Get a drink in everyone’s hand and make a few toasts on camera for the New Year

  • Share who got on the naughty or nice list in your family this year and why

  • Stand in front of some holiday decorations and share a message of hope or love

  • Prepare a few Christmas jokes to share with everyone

There’s so many ways to be innovative with a video email and its endlessly simpler to send out than your slow-mail holiday cards.

We’d love to hear from you. Have you sent out a holiday video before? What did you do to make it fun or unique? OR are you still sending out Christmas cards each year? Are you “stuck” on that tradition or are you looking to shake things up?

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What a Welcome Video has Done for Us (& What It Can Do for You)

As a software company, 99% of our interactions with customers are virtual. We communicate through Twitter, message followers on Facebook, and, of course, send a lot of video messages to our customers. One thing every software company has to think about is what first impression they are giving.

For us, it’s about 100% chance that our first impression is going to be virtual, but nowadays this is true for more than just software companies. Even your local corner shop needs to not only have their shelves fully stocked, but their website up-to-date, too, as consumers increasingly check out your web presence before deciding to shop with you.

So, how do we create a great first impression? For us, there are 2 first impressions. There’s the first impression you get when you learn that we even exist and you visit our website for the first time. From there, you can start with the no-questions-asked free use of our product right from the mailVU home page. With a successful use of our totally free recording widget, we hope you’ll sign up for a 14 day free trial of our Basic, Business, or Business Pro accounts.

That brings us to the second-first impression: how you feel once you become a customer. For that, we try to lead by example and send a welcome video message just like we’d like our customers to do for their customers.

Using our own app to send a welcome video message demonstrates several key things:

  1. That we use our own product: One way to ensure terrible software is to have developers build a product that none of them actually use. To combat this, we will regularly send our users video message replies to any of the questions they submit to support. We think this helps us to empathize with the people and businesses that use our video messaging platform.

  2. We’re all too human: It’s easy for people to see the similarities we have when you put yourself on video. In our welcome message, I (Lucy) am sitting in my office, in my work clothes, with my desk lamp on. When the majority of our interactions with customers are virtual, it is easy to forget it’s a human on the other side of the computer. A friendly welcome video helps to bridge that gap and create an emotional connection.

  3. Video Messaging is quick & easy: We don’t send a crisp, video that’s been edited and polished to the point where we look like professional videographers. Our Welcome Message is short and sweet and far from perfect. If we were to make it perfect, it would take a long time for every video we were to ever send which would decrease the attractiveness of video messaging as a whole. Instead, we prefer the imperfect version so that we can make a habit out of video messaging.

You can see an example of our welcome video by clicking the image below:

video messaging

You can have a welcome video for your business too. Whether you run a blog with a growing listserv, offer a software product people can sign up for, or people can purchase things from a shopping cart on your website, a video introduction to say “thanks for being a subscriber/user/customer” can help establish trust in your interactions.

If you’re going to create a welcome video for your potential customers, here are a few tips:

  • Good posture, steady eye contact, and stillness: In order to increase your confidence recording messages to send out, you’ll need to watch out for the body signs that show a lack in confidence. Those are, primarily, poor posture (slouching shoulders, in particular), wandering eyes, and a lot of movement. If you can remember to just keep your shoulders up back and down, look primarily into your webcam recorder, and not to move your chair or body around, you will look extremely confident to your customer.

  • Outline what you’re going to say, but don’t read it: Get a script prepped for yourself, but don’t plan to read it word for word. There’s nothing more monotonous to a viewer than to watch someone just reading from a script (and you’ll look really uncomfortable doing it!). Just feel comfortable with the message you want to convey and trust yourself to adlib a bit.

  • Reduce your background noise: Go ahead and watch this video on how to reduce your computer’s microphone background noise. It will save you from finally having a good recording only to play it back and realize your computer was making Darth Vader breathing noises the entire time.

We know that a welcome video has done a lot to boost our customers’ confidence in us and we think it will for you too.

Have you created a welcome video for your listserv or customer base? Why did you create one and how did it go? Tell us about it in the comments below.



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An Easy Way to Try Free Video Messaging

Don’t you hate it when websites ask for all your contact information before even letting you try out their service? We do too! That’s why there is a free webcam video messaging widget right on the mailVU home page. You don’t have to log in. You don’t have to tell us your phone number. Just try it and see if you like it.

We offer the same ease of use on mailVU’s free iOS video email app and free Android video email app. The only thing you have to enter in the configuration page is your name and email (required for email delivery). We believe if you can try out the service you will like it and keep coming back.

For business use (paid account plans) we offer the ability to brand your video messages. It can be as simple as adding a logo and picking your colors like in the Business Plan Account. It can also be full fledged HTML branding in our Business Pro Account, with a custom skin similar to your website like the example below:

Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Ease of use is a critical factor to any service. Let’s face it, if something isn’t easy to use you simply won’t do it. For a list of the other 15 factors to consider in selecting a video email service provider click this link.

mailVU is the only video email service to include a webcam recording widget for your own website. This allows your users to easily record videos for you – incoming. Use cases include collection of video testimonials, running video contests, video contact-us pages (like the one we use at mailVU), and for just anytime you want your clients to send you a video. The widget is a single line of HTML code and it will appear on your website just like this example.

Video messaging is fun, free, and easy to use. Try it today on or our apps.

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Tweeting Videos with mailVU

We are pleased to see mailVU users tweeting their videos. It is easy to record a video using our webcam recording widget, click on the Share button, and then paste the short URL into a tweet. Optimal Run is a regular user of this capability as shown in the example below:

Optimal Run is a Business Plan client so they can include their company branding around the video, and include calls to action and links in the footer.

Unlike Vine, mailVU allows users to embed full length videos in their twitter stream. There is no 6 second, looping limitation. Record from webcam for a full 10 minutes if you like. You can play back your webcam recording and re-record as often as you like before using the video.

mailVU account holders can upload pre-recorded videos and tweet them with the short URL link. The affordable Basic Plan is only $30/year and is a great tool for recording and sending videos whenever you like. It will track view counts of your videos as well.

Regret a video? From an account plan you can instantly delete the source file even after tweeting the video or sending it by video email. You control the source file on the Internet through your private mailVU account. And unlike those public video hosting sites, we never place ads on your videos, or show ‘recommended’ videos which could be from your competitors.

The Share button works for Facebook, LinkedIn, Talent Management Systems, and CRM systems! You may even copy the short URL and place it in a text email if you like. I know, I know, mailVU provides a robust video email service, but sometimes users simply want to place a video link in their Outlook email.

Try the Share button and see how easy it is. You can try out the Share feature right from the mailVU home page. If you like how it works and want to add pre-recorded video and/or branding capability, sign up for one of our user account plans.

Questions? Contact us on Twitter @mailVU, or send us your questions via our Video Contact Us page. We’d love to see and hear from you!

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How to get a Customer to Record a Video Testimonial

Nothing beats an enthusiastic customer video testimonial raving about your business. It is one of the best pieces of marketing material you will ever receive. The value is priceless, and it can be used forever. Many mailVU Business Plan customers are embedding the video testimonial recording widget onto their website (example). The trick is: How do you get the client to record the video?

mailVU's integrated webcam recorder

mailVU's integrated webcam recorder

Step one is to Wow the customer. If you simply provide what they want, that’s good, but unlikely to generate an enthusiastic video. You need to go above-and-beyond in exceeding their expectations for the quality of what you offer. Wow the customer first, or you will not pass “go”, you won’t collect $200, and you won’t get a video testimonial. See the customer video testimonials we use on the right side of this page on our own site.

Step two is to ask the customer! If you don’t ask they won’t magically do it on their own. When asking the customer be sure to tell them how you will use it. Will you embed the testimonial video into your website like we do at mailVU? Do you plan to upload the video testimonials to YouTube? Do you plan to send the testimonial out as a video mail? The customer will want to know how their video will be used before they grant permission.

Step three is to provide an incentive. The what’s-in-it-for-me principle applies to video testimonials just as it does to anything else. Why should the customer record it? The benefit is all for you, the business owner, so what’s in it for them? We’ve seen that the most effective users of mailVU’s video testimonial recorder are offering incentives such as discount coupons or a month of free service. Provide something of concrete value and it will help entice the customer to record a video for you.

Step four (if needed) is to run a video contest. This is an extension of the tip above, but is more blunt about offering a prize(s) to the winning video submissions. You can use the same mailVU video recorder, or use our video contest service which includes an entry form and video uploader for smartphones and tablets. Offer a great prize (like an iPad or Nexus tablet) and you’ll be sure to capture great customer videos.

Our online video platform makes it super easy to capture video testimonials.

  • mailVU’s Business Plan includes a webcam video recorder that can be embedded onto your website or Facebook page. The videos are incoming to your private account where you can view and moderate the video submissions before using them. Here is an example of an embedded webcam video recorder.
  • Our Business Plan also allows you to create a custom Signature footer below all your video emails. You can use HTML in the Signature area. Some mailVU Business Plan users place an image in the footer that says Reply in Video which links to their recorder. Other users place text links in the footer that links to their video recorder. Either way it is an easy way to send the customer a video email, and requesting them to record a video testimonial by ‘clicking the link below’.

Our Business Plan comes with a 14 Day Free Trial so you can try the webcam recording widget and see how it works for your business. Questions? Send them to us with our Video Contact-Us recorder!

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Catching Fire With Video Email

Poster from the movie Catching FireIn Catching Fire, the second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy (expected release date November 2013), Katniss and Peeta go on a “Victory Tour” which inspires rebellion in the districts. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t read the book, but getting the word out makes a huge difference to their audience. (By the way does anyone besides me think it is no coincidence that Peeta’s family baked bread, and…pita is a bread?)

Getting the word out to your audience with video emails can also have a great effect on your sales. We all want to have the next Harlem Shake viral video and be the next YouTube sensation, but those videos are rare. A higher probability of catching fire with your video is by sending personal video messages directly to your prospects and clients.

Here are 3 ways to Catch Fire with your video email campaign:


  • Launch a Catching Fire cold call video email campaign. Think of the difference a personal video in email will have over a generic email or letter. The prospect sees your face, hears your voice, and will feel more personally connected with you and your business. The first thing prospects buy is the salesperson, not the product. A mailVU client told us he uses video emails for cold calling and it results in obtaining more appointments than phone calls alone. Be careful not to go overhead on the sales pitch. The objective of a cold call is to set up an appointment. Be friendly and to the point on why meeting with you will be beneficial to them. The video mail recipient will always be thinking ‘what’s in it for me?’. Put yourself in their shoes and be sure to frame your video message around meeting their needs.
  • When your Catching Fire campaign generates warm leads you will need to advance them in the buying process. Don’t abandon your leads, nurture them! Video emails can aid in providing a personal touch to answering questions, providing tips, and letting them know you care. Think of how you feel when you receive automated emails that are set up on a programmatic basis…day 3, day 5, etc. Not very personal is it? Now consider receiving a video email from ‘Mary’ with new information, ideas you can use, or simply a personal followup asking if you need assistance. It’s no longer a prospect receiving an email from “the company’, but rather the prospect receiving a nice video followup from ‘Mary’ or ‘Michael’ or ‘your name here’. Prospects will buy if they trust you, and sending personal messages helps to build rapport and trust.
  • Send a personal thank you video email to anyone who purchases your product, signs up for a newsletter, or registers for information. It will WOW them to receive a personalized video in their inbox. If you sell a product online you can easily include a video thank you message from an employee in with the email receipt. It is sure to be appreciated and remembered. We all say we appreciate our customers, but how often do we tell them? Oh, and sending users to a generic video on YouTube is more insulting that rewarding. Please take 30 seconds to record a personal thank you from your webcam, smartphone or tablet.

Catching Fire book by Suzanne CollinsReady to Catch Fire with your video email campaign? You can send video in email in a matter of minutes with mailVU’s free video email service. Click record, look and speak into your webcam, and then send the video via email to your prospect. Select the view notification option and be alerted in real time when the clients open your video mail. If you want to save videos in a private video account and add your branding to the video emails, consider one of our account plans.

Video emails are not just for webcams and computers. mailVU has free apps in iTunes and Google Play so you can record and send video email while on the go. If you have an account with us you may login on the app so your branding appears on the video emails and they are saved to your online account.

Try a Catching Fire video email campaign and measure the results. Questions? Send them to info at with our Video Contact Us recorder, or traditional email. We look forward to serving you!

(Catching Fire is a science fiction novel by American novelist Suzanne Collins, and a 2013 major motion picture from Lionsgate. Read the book. See the movie.)

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Free Guide to Video Email Service Providers

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Collecting Video Stories From Sears Customers

mailVU was recently selected to provide video service for Sears Home Services. Sears is asking customers to tell them about their recent service by either recording or uploading a video right on their website. Through June 30, 2013 you can see their video story promotion on their website here.

Sears Home Services Video Stories Contest

Sears Home Services Video Stories Contest

Sears is utilizing mailVU’s easy to implement video contest service. Videos go into a private account where they can view the entries, confirm eligibility, and award the prizes. The videos provide great marketing content that can be used for future campaigns. Video entries are private and confidential, and Sears owns the content.

You will note several best practices used in the Sears video story campaign:

  1. Video story collection is being done right on their website, with content going into a private account. This provides the capability of moderating video submissions for suitability. After all, you don’t want unapproved and unflattering content regarding your business being openly displayed on YouTube or Yelp if you can help it. The private mailVU account allows Sears to preview all submissions, and if approved, they can then be downloaded, Tweeted, and/or placed on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  2. mailVU’s video contest service makes it easy for Sears customers to record right from their computer webcam, or upload a video from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. The easier you make it for the end user the more likely you will have entries. The end user does not need a mailVU account, and does not need to download any software.
  3. Sears is using an enticement for the user to record/submit their video. For this campaign they are providing $25 gift cards. Our experience has shown that enticements are critical to receiving user video submissions. The better the prize the more submissions you will receive, and the more users will share the contest with their friends.
  4. The contest form is within the optimal contest form length of 7-12 fields. (See this related blog post on optimal contest form length.) Since the form is embedded into Sears’ site there are no advertisement, and no ‘recommended’ videos from competitors. Sears surrounded the video story entry form with their branding and calls to action. Best of all, the user stays on the Sears website and is not distracted by links to non-Sears videos.

mailVU makes it easy to run video contests without drawing upon your precious IT resources. We’ll develop an optimized online contest entry form for your contest entries, and provide a video upload tool for your website so all employees can record and upload a video from their webcam, iPhone/iPad, Android, or other web-enabled device. A private account is provided so you can view and moderate the submissions, download source files, and obtain the embed codes for your newsletter or website.

Are you ready to run a video contest? Let us show you how easy and affordable our video contest service can be. Contact info at to get started customizing your entry form and establishing a private video account. You can be up and running within a week.

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How Small Businesses can Engage with their Users Online with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and mailVU

RCA dog and gramophone pictureIf you own a small business it means that your marketing budget is going to be small; smaller than the big companies who can hire full departments of marketing and research people just to make sure that they are reaching their target market. This is just not the case with small businesses where time and money are extremely precious. That being said, there are now platforms such as social media which small businesses can use to their advantage either for free or for a small price.

In some cases maintaining a social media page is a job in and of itself. If a small business can’t afford to hire someone whose focus is social media and marketing, then it becomes a question of how to best use the time you do have to reach as many people as possible, thus marketing your company. There are a number of social media platforms that are available and here is the skinny on each.

The first question you need to ask yourself is do you have a website. If your business does not have a website or online presence of any kind there is simply no point in using social media, because you will have nowhere to send the searchers who are looking for your company. Having a Facebook page as your only online presence is insufficient and really quite pointless. So first things first, in order to engage with online users, a small business needs its own website. Then it also needs its own Google+ page.

Only once these are in place can you begin to think about social media maximizing your engagement with your online users. As a company you should have a LinkedIn profile. This isn’t quite social media for your users, it is rather like a CV for your company online and a great way to build networks and for people to search for your company. The key however is to keep your profile up to date.

It is a good idea for a small business to have a blog, and you can use social media in order to publicise your blog posts. Facebook is an invaluable tool for small businesses that are consumer directed or a local business. It is relatively easy on time, and it is easy to update and maintain. It should only take a few minutes out of your day to put up a post on Facebook, and you can have notifications sent to your email so you only log in when you need to. It’s a great way to engage with online users one on one.

If, however, your small business is driven by product or the visual then Pinterest is for you. Pinterest allows you to build a visual online presence that is aesthetically pleasing. Imagine it as a kind of picture board where you post images and quotes and other things that relate to your company. Once users have found your Pinterest page, you want to direct them to your website. It is too easy to spend a lot of time playing on Pinterest, so be careful not to get sucked in.

Twitter is not the best thing for small businesses. The best thing about a Twitter account is its immediacy and in a small business you simply don’t have time to tweet all the time. That being said, it can be good for restaurants and similar industries but otherwise it isn’t the best social media tool for engaging with online audiences.

The key really is to find a balance between the time it takes to update the social media pages and its effectiveness, and you will have to be the judge of what works and what doesn’t. There is another online resource that can be a great way to engage with online users and that is mailVU. mailVU is an amazing video platform that allows you to incorporate videos for marketing. You can record and embed videos on your website and on your other social media pages. You won’t need to make many videos, but a video does really engage your users in a way that written content simply doesn’t. It is a good idea to spend the initial time it will take, and then use the video to direct traffic back to your own website. There are a few social media platforms that are best for small businesses. The focus needs to be directing people to your site, and to be interested in your product, how you use mailVU, Twitter or Pininterest, is entirely up to you.

This has been a guest post by Nick Anderson, a writer for How2become; a leading career and recruitment specialist.

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Video Messaging: Heads you win, Tails you win too!

US Quarter frontDon’t you love a situation where you win no matter which way you use a video messaging service?

Heads you Win: Outbound Video Messaging

The first side of the video messaging coin is outbound; recording and sending video to a client or friend. Using the outbound method deposits your video into the other person’s inbox, which we’ve seen can result in video email click-thru rates of over 60%. There are several ways you can record and send outbound video messages including smartphone, tablets, and computers:

  1. Mobile video sharing apps. You can easily record video from any smartphone or tablet to share with another person. The downside of the native function is the receiving party receives a huge file that clogs up their memory, and they may not be able to play the format in which your device recorded. mailVU solved these problems in our free iPhone video sharing app and free Android video sharing app.
  2. Website video messaging. There are several video email service providers that ask you to create accounts in order to try video messaging. At mailVU we decided to place a free video email widget right on our home page. That’s right, you can use it for free on If you like what you see we hope you will want the upgraded capabilities of our user accounts.
  3. Hosting videos in your website. Video has been shown to increase user time-on-site, and clients such as car dealers are finding video helps to sell cars. All video hosting platforms provide embed codes so feel free to add them to your site. mailVU enables you to embed ad free videos on your website, with no ‘recommended’ videos of competitors; just your video playing within your site, surrounded by your website Call-to-Action.

When you select a video email service like mailVU’s Business and Business Pro Plans you get the ability to brand your video messages with your logo, your colors, and a custom footer where you can add a Call-to-Action, links to your social media sites, and any other HTML you would like to add. The video template can be customized to look just like your website. See this Business Pro example from 1st Day School Supplies of a video playing “within their website”. While it looks like the video is embedded, it isn’t; it is what the email recipient sees when they click on the video mail.

The branding will also appear when you are logged into your account from the iPhone video sharing app, or the Android video sharing app. Anyone can use the apps since they are free to download, but only account holders can have their branding applied.

Image of US Quarter backTails you Win: Record incoming videos from clients

The other side of the video messaging coin is inbound; allow users to easily record and send you video. The inbound method is a great way to collect video testimonials from clients, run video contests, collect video feedback, or use it as a video Contact Us method like we have at mailVU. There are many examples of using a webcam recorder or video uploaded on your site:



  1. Collect video applications. RevTech Labs is a business incubator that requires video elevator pitches. See this video application page on their site for webcam recording and video upload options.
  2. Customer video testimonials. Many businesses are using a webcam recorder to collect testimonials, like this website. The webcam recording widget can be placed on your website or Facebook page with a single line of HTML code.
  3. Video resume submission. Some companies like this one are collecting candidate video resumes right off their website. The webcam recorder is the same one used for video testimonials; a single like to HTML code to add to the site.
  4. Student homework assignments. The webcam recorder can be added to most Learning Management Systems including Blackboard, Angel, and Moodle. Teachers are using it to receive student homework assignments as well as feedback on modules of an online class.

mailVU offers a webcam recording widget with every Business Plan and Business Pro Plan. Place the recorder on your site and start collecting videos from your users. If you want the ability to upload videos from smartphones and tablets let us know and we’ll add a video upload widget to your account. Your marketing department will love having the ability to easily collect user video content.

No matter which way you use mailVU’s Business and Business Pro plans, outbound or inbound, you win! Questions? Contact us at support at

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8 Ways Realtors Are Using Video Messaging

Real Estate agents are finding video messaging to be a useful tool in communicating with prospects. Here are 8 ways Realtors are using mailVU with their clients:

  1. Personal Introductions. Sending a personal video message to a prospect is a great way to begin a relationship. Other than meeting in person there is no better way of building a personal connection than with video. And we since all know that the client will never purchase a property if they don’t ‘buy’ you first, start the process by selling yourself with an easy to record video email.
  2. Neighborhood Tours. With mailVU’s free iOS video messaging app and Android video messaging app Realtors can video neighborhoods, and email them directly to prospects. When logged into your mailVU account your branding will surround the video.
  3. Home Tours. It’s as easy as taking your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android phone and recording with mailVU’s free apps. The video will appear homemade, but it is a quick and easy way to get your clients to see a property without having to upload it to your website.
  4. Market Updates. Bob Slocumb from Magnolia Realty recently recorded a Market Update using mailVU’s free webcam service and embedded it on his website. Click the image below to play it.

    Realtor Market Update using mailVU

    Magnolia Realty using mailVU for Market Update

  5. Event Invitations. Holding an Open House? Sending your client list a video message is great way to draw attention to the event. Many people will not read all of the emails, but video email gets clicked much more frequently. Our results at mailVU show over a 60% click through rate.
  6. Thank You Video Mail. After the sale it is customary to thank the clients for their business. A video message makes a text thank you much more personal.
  7. Customer Testimonials. Clients like Xcellence Realty are using mailVU’s webcam recording widget to capture client video testimonials. Click here to see it in action.
  8. Educating Clients. Sometimes you have information you would like to share with your clients. It can be changes to mortgage rates, changes to tax laws, expiration of matter what it is, sending a video message is a great way to personally communicate with your clients. mailVU’s Business Plan allows you to send to groups, so record once and send it to everyone!

Do you have a success story using mailVU for your Realty? Let us know your results and how video messaging helps you in your business. Contact us anytime at support at

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