mailVU is a full featured video platform, making it easy to incorporate video for outbound marketing, inbound marketing, or recording and embedding videos on websites. Here is a summary of mailVU services:

Basic Plan

  • Record from webcam or our iPhone or Android app up to 10 minutes
  • Upload videos up to an hour long
  • Download videos anytime
  • Self destruct feature
  • Videos play on web-enabled smartphones and tablets
  • Email videos or use Short URL for posting

Business Plan

  • Account that saves all your videos
  • Branded video mail templates for your business videos. Your logo, your colors.
  • Upload pre-recorded videos, embed your videos, download them anytime
  • Customer Testimonial Recording Widget included for your website

Video API

  • Integrate webcam recording directly into your app
  • Free developer account

Private Label Service Plans

  • Private Label video email service
  • Private label Basic and Business Plan accounts
  • Private label our mobile apps

Video Contest Service

  • Custom entry form that goes on your website or Facebook page
  • Upload videos from smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Private account for viewing
  • Display ‘accepted’ videos

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mailVU is a service of A2Stream Inc., a software services company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was created to deliver high quality, easy to use video services to businesses and educational institutions. We have visitors from over 200 countries and territories, and were named as one of the Top 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet.

We are an engineering driven organization, specializing in video services. When you work with us you are working with highly competent technical professionals ready to meet your needs. Contact us at info@mailVU.com.

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  • http://jay@wasack.com Cannot configure for my macbook

    I when I see the “allow / deny” window, nothing happens when I click on “allow”. What’s wrong?

  • http://mailvu.com mailVU

    Hi Jay.

    The recent 10.6.5 update from Apple broke the iSight camera on Flash applications, including mailVU. To get your iSight camera working again with Flash try the solutions on this blog post:


  • Tom

    I have had the same experience you describe on this and other Flash app – enabled websites. My school tech provided this link that allows one to make permissions changes (it provides access to your local machine’s Flash Player Settings Manager): http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager06.html . Simply choose the access you prefer and go back to mailVU – problem solved! I didn’t have to make any other changes to apps, plug-ins, etc.