101 Ways to Use Video Messaging

It’s a brand new year and time to jump-start your marketing and advertising with video! Are you a video newbie? It’s become more ubiquitous, but luckily it’s easy to use.

Use mailVU in your professional endeavors. Inexpensively video market your business, surround your messages with your company’s logo and colors and get ahead of the competition! Take a look at our list of ways your business can benefit from adding video:

Are you in real estate? Show off a property’s best attributes in a video message.

1. Answer questions about a piece of property in a video message. If someone wants to know how much space is between their future new home and a neighbor’s, show them!

2. Use video to scout new locations for a franchise.

3. Keep track of renovations and construction progress.

4. Looking for work? Send a video introduction to a potential employer. After the interview, send a video thank you.

5. Event planners: show off a venue for a special event.

6. Create targeted, personalized video email marketing campaigns.

7. Show your customers how to use your products. Explain why you’re better than the competition.

8. Collect video testimonials from your business’s evangelists, right from your website.

9. Demonstrate the products your business offers.

10. Create a video wall.

11. Did your company commit an embarrassing faux pas? Make a sincere apology in video. People will find you more believable if they can see and hear you.

12. Upload professional video of your products to distribute in video email marketing campaigns.

13. Do you sell online? Add video to your web offerings!

14. Do you have antique items you want to sell and need a way to show their best attributes? Do a 360-view video message of the items and send them to buyers!

15. Increase appointments and sales by using video as a unique replacement for traditional ‘cold calls.’ Video definitely gets attention and gets you more leads!

16. Record GoToMeeting events for later viewings.

17. Tweet and Facebook your video links for maximum reach.

18. Answer customer service questions with a video mail. Your customers will really know you care!

19. Use mailVU’s Private Label option for your business video messages.

20. Embed video blogs onto your website. Video helps with SEO!

21. Offer video FAQs.

22. Run a video contest!

23. Offer a video to onboard new employees.

24. Use video to offer training for newbies and seasoned workers.

25. Hold a virtual audition for dancers, singers and other entertainers. Have them send you private video messages from mailVU demonstrating their talent.

Planning to attend a trade show? Use video to differentiate your business!

26. Send video email to let attendees know where your booth will be during the show.

27. After the trade show is over and everyone’s gone home, send a video message to reconnect with prospects and keep your business at the top of people’s minds.

28. Are you a virtual assistant? Send a video introduction to your new client and …

29. … use it to communicate with your employer face to face.

30. Businesses may use mailVU to send private communication and never worry about links that can be passed around the Internet (simply set the number of views or days the message will be available.)

31. Sent a video, but forgot to set the self-destruct options? Recall it at will! It will no longer be available.

Do you run a restaurant? There are many ways to incorporate video into your marketing arsenal!

32. Show off some of your signature or new dishes to customers in a video on your website.

33. Place a video on your site showcasing the restaurants décor.

34. Use our service to introduce your chefs and staff. Instead of text bios and a picture, let your staff’s personalities shine in a video.

35. Use video testimonials of your best customers raving about your dishes!

36. Share video of your favorite recipes on your site.

Are you a public relations pro? Video offers a different way to stand out.

37. Instead of a text presser, send a video release to get attention!

38. Send a video email introducing yourself to journalists you want to work with.

Run a car dealership? Think about including virtual test drives with video!

39. Use it to also show off a car’s assets or compare different makes and models for a customer.

What about hairstylists and makeup artists? Being among the most valuable people on the planet, of course you should include video too!

40. Shoot video demonstrating the latest healthy hair techniques. Add it to your website!

41. Send video introductions to new customers.

42. Take video of yourself doing skills-heavy hairstyling processes like coloring and cuts. Add these to your website and/or send as video mail.

43. Use video to show off your salon and the people who make it run smoothly!

44. Create videos of the best makeup looks for fall, spring, summer and winter.

45. Create videos that offer tips on the best ways to apply makeup.

Want a new way to boost your non-profit? Video can help with donations, training and thank yous!

46.  Use video to appeal to people from whom you’re seeking donations.

47. Videos can be created and sent to train volunteers.

48. Send video introductions to new and potential volunteers.

49. Thank outstanding volunteers and donors in video! It’s more intimate and personal than a form email or letter.

50. Want to use video for your religious organization? It’s easy to send recordings of sermons, prayers, programs or announcements.

51. Send video to parishioners who haven’t been to church in a while. You can show some of the new things they’ve missed.

For physicians and physicians’ offices, video makes for a great communication’s tool – Make contact with first-time patients through video mail. They’ll be able to put a face to a name before coming to your practice.

52. Check in on patients between follow-up appointments.

53. Include video of your office staff on your website for potential patients to view.

54. Send video mail ‘appointment reminders’ if you can’t reach patients by phone.

Communicate with students/ parents/ faculty through personal video messages at your school or university:

55. Let students send video essays in lieu of written ones.

56. Use video to market your school’s students to potential employer.

57. Reach out to alumni with a video.

58. Allow students to send video resumes to employers

59. Use video for inter-office/inter-departmental communications among staff.

60. Students: Use mailVU’s iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app to record lectures. No more scrambling to take notes!

61. Students can send video pleas back home to mom and dad for more money. (If you look pathetic enough, you might get it! A phone call can’t convey puppy-dog eyes!)

62. Use video to enhance online classes.

63. Practice language skills with students in and outside the classroom.

64. Work on reading exercises.

65. Get help with homework in all subjects. Tutors and teachers may demonstrate how to tackle complex problems in video and send them out.

Looking for a way to boost your travel marketing and communication? – People will love seeing exactly where they might be spending their time away from home – whether business or pleasure.

66. Take video of popular destinations or upload professional recordings to share with traveling clients.

67. Hotels can virtually show off their different rooms…

68. … and let their staffs give video introductions…

69. … then they can show and tell about what makes the hotel special. Spas, heated pools, exercise rooms – let the video impress!

70. Site-seeing tour guides can use video to offer sneak peeks of their destinations

71. Want vacationers to see a cruise ship before they embark? Let them see the vessel they’ll be housed on during their trip.

72. Travel agents can use video to connect with clients on a more personal level.

73. Have clients who had a great trip? Include their video testimonials on your travel site!

Special events, holidays, gatherings or just your day-to-day activities; there are endless ways to use video in your personal life.

74. Make a video scrapbook – Your vacation, your children’s best moments – the possibilities are endless!

75. Send a video mail ‘hello’ to far off friends and family when you can’t get together to Skype.

76. Practice your speaking skills.

77. Check your hair and makeup before you begin recording!

78. Check on elderly relatives or friends. Send them a video message and have them send one back to you.

79. Try on clothes and get your friends’ opinions! Send them video from your mailVU iPhone/iPad app.

80. Send videos of the kids’ recitals to their grandparents.

81. Is your child finally walking and talking? Get it on video and email it to everyone!

82. Did you get a great gift from someone far away? Let them know you got it and thank them profusely in a video message!

83. Is your pet doing something cute? Get him on video!

84. Send a video Valentine to a secret crush.

85. Can’t be with loved ones for the holidays? Send a video greeting!

86. Record your birthday party invitations – have the recipients RSVP in a video back to you.

87. Record a video tour of a new city you’re visiting.

88. Had a minor fender-bender? Take out your iPhone and get video of the damages.

89. Mom or Dad, are you away on business? Use mailVU to record bedtime stories to email to your little ones at home when you can’t be there.

90. Record a quick recipe to share with friends and family.

91. Introduce a new boyfriend or girlfriend to your far off friends and family!

92. Test out your webcam.

93. Demonstrate a quick recipe for a friend.

94. Have a problem with a product? Show the manufacturer in a video email instead of trying to explain in a written message.

95. Play James Bond – let your recipient know the video they are viewing will self-destruct after one viewing.

96. Place a homeless pet by sending playful videos of him to potential pet parents!

97. Show off your dance moves to a friend in video. Ask them to do the same.

98. Practice your singing or acting. Send the video email to a friend and have them critique your performance.

99. Video a perfect sunset using your iPhone or iPad. You can view it whenever you want to relive the memory!

100. Reach out to friends and family serving in the military.

101. Don’t wait to share your fabulous vacation! Take video of interesting sites, people and things to email immediately!

That’s 101 uses and those are just the beginning! We’re curious to know how you use our video messaging/mail service. Let us know here in the comments or at our social media hangouts; Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

- Kamilla

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