5 Ways to Get Employees to Use Video

Instead of relegating video duties to just one person within your company, it might be a good idea to get everyone involved – especially if yours is a small to medium sized organization.

Since every business can’t afford professional video services, getting employees to create impromptu recordings is a great way to reach out to clients and prospects. Here are five tips to get them on board:

  • Show them how easy it is – With smartphones and tablets readily available (and with pretty good cameras) it’s simple to shoot how-to videos, video greetings and video ‘cold call’ emails. With mailVU, those videos can be shot and sent to anyone, anywhere as video mail messages. You can even send company videos to promising job candidates, showing them the great team of people they will be working with!
  • Show them they can do it from their smartphone – Piggybacking on the first tip, introduce employees to mailVU’s free video sharing apps for iPhone and Android that make it easy to click, record and send video email to clients. The apps are easy to use, and users can tailor their videos to each recipient.
  • Show them some examples – Got a favorite marketing video? Share it with your employees or use it as a template for your own video. Once your employees create their videos, they can share them on Facebook and Twitter using the short URL from mailVU’s share button.
  • Show your sales team the data on video email open rates – There have been studies that prove video improves email open rates and conversion. There is no better way to introduce yourself, schedule that first appointment, or follow up from a trade show than by sending the prospect a video message!
  • Show them they can have fun with it! Video messages don’t always have to be all business. Some of the best videos for marketing and how-to use humor to convey important information.

Video lets you stand out in a sea of text email! mailVU offers a features-packed Business Plan that allows your video email to be surrounded by your company branding – this feature also extends to the mobile apps when you sign into your account. Sign up today and get a Free 14 Day Trial.


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