Back to School With mailVU

Just like it always does, summer went by far too fast! It seems like just a few days ago I was writing about ways to plan your company’s summer marketing campaign.

With summer coming to a close, returning to school is the next milestone for people of all ages. While students are stocking up on pens, pencils and paper, (what am I saying? It’s not the 1900s – students are stocking up on iPad accessories! If that’s the case, we offer a free app on iTunes.) I thought now would be a great time to mention how mailVU’s video email service can fit into your B2S plans:

Video greetings – Teachers at all levels may use mailVU to easily record and send personalized ‘hellos’ to their new students before classes begin. Video email gives you a chance to get acquainted, especially in upper grade levels where the first day of school is usually the first time teachers and students ever meet. You can tell your prospective students a little about you and your expectations for the coming school year. Ask them to send a message back to you telling a little about themselves – put their brief videos together into a montage and it could act as an ice-breaker during those awkward first few days of school. For educators looking for more features than those included in our free service – such as the ability to upload pre-recorded videos – mailVU offers a discounted plan. If you would like to learn more, please contact

At the college level, resident assistants (RAs) can use video mail to send messages to students coming to live in the dorms they preside over. For upperclassmen, this might just be a quick “Hi, my name is ______, and I’m the one you bring your complaints to!” but for newbies living on their own for the first time, a video email will give them a chance to put a face to their new dorm leader’s name. It also gives you, the RA, an opportunity to give them the inside scoop on where they will be staying for the next year!

During the school year – In this space, we’ve been fortunate to have educators discuss how they’ve incorporated mailVU into their classes. Check those out by clicking here and here.

mailVU is particularly useful for language education, but it can also be used for speech preparation, presentations, sending requests for information – the possibilities are endless!

Since mailVU is foremost a communication tool second only to face-to-face interaction, it provides a great way for students away from home for the first time to keep in touch with family and friends – especially if everyone isn’t in the same time zone (to any students who might be reading this, your mom and dad do want to see what you look like and to make sure that you haven’t lost too much weight on that new ramen noodle diet…)

Parents can reciprocate that communication with a quick message back. As much as your kids might try to act like they don’t miss you, they really do and it would be a treat to see your faces after a brutal week of classes!

Above are just a few ways I could think of to use our video mail service for those returning to school; I’m sure I’m leaving out lots of other uses. Help me out by leaving a comment on how you would use mailVU in and outside the classroom – and please be sure to have a happy, safe, productive new school year!


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