Branding Yourself With Video

Recently, we opened up this space to guest blogger Jennifer King to discuss how companies can brand themselves with recruitment videos designed to attract top talent.

Video isn’t just a good idea for companies looking to bring on new employees; it’s a creative way for those looking to get into the job market, or those looking for a change, to create their own ‘brand.’

In a tight job market, people are always looking for ways to stand out. It’s not enough to simply have a stellar resume. Now, job seekers are creating websites touting their abilities and have incorporated social media into their searches. One way to make sure you get noticed is with a compelling video explaining a little about who you are and what you can do for an employer!

With mailVU’s Business Plan, you can embed videos onto your personal website. Videos can also be incorporated onto your Facebook page and turned into shortlinks for Twitter. Copy and paste your video into your LinkedIn status update, or place a link to your video in one of the three website link areas on your profile.  

By including video on your website, you won’t have to worry about your viewer being inundated with recommended videos or your video going viral (the not in a good way, people are only passing it around to make fun, not to hire kind of viral!)

Depending on your background and the type of job you’re trying to get, keep the following in mind:

  • Dress appropriately – If you’ve taken the time to create a website to help in your job search, be sure to dress the part, no matter how casual the prospective work environment will be.
  • Be sure you have proper light and sound – You may have an amazing work ethic and personality, but none of that will come through if your recipient can’t see or hear you. Take a look at this post on prepping for your video message.
  • Use this opportunity to highlight something important you’ve accomplished – Did you increase sales by 50% at your previous position? Did you institute a policy or procedure that’s still in use today? You touched on it in your resume, but expound on that point of pride more in your video. See our post on 5 smart things to say in your video CV.
  • …But don’t get too cocky – Share one or two of your best accomplishments, but don’t think your viewer wants to hear about every little thing you’ve done since kindergarten (unless you discovered a cure for some horrible disease when you were five, then yes, please talk about it!)
  • Respect your viewer’s time – Hit the high career points, but keep it brief.

Video offers a great way to introduce your greatest brand – yourself and your skills. Incorporating video onto your personal website sets you apart from other applicants who might still be corralled on YouTube along with hundreds of others.

Create your personal branding video free at, or record one with mailVU’s free iPhone or Android apps. Oh and after you get the interview, be sure to send a nice thank-you video mail message so you’ll stay at the top of their mind!


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