Coca-Cola and The Gap Did It – Do You?

Listen to your customers, that is.

Most people over 30 (myself included – but just barely) recall Coca-Cola’s formula change fiasco of the 1980s. More recently, The Gap, which keeps most of the world in khakis and white shirts, had a dustup involving a change to its famous logo.

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I mention these two as great examples of how consumers were able to affect change in brands they love. Coke changed their formula back to the original and Gap returned to their old logo.

The takeaway from these two situations was that the reversals happened thanks to customers voicing their dislike of the changes.

Responsible business owners listen and respond to their customers, especially when those customers aren’t happy with their products or services. These business owners understand that a few moments hearing concerns today will help them avoid PR nightmares tomorrow!

Thanks to the Internet, complaints may be lodged against a business and sent around the world in record time. Gone are the days when a customer’s only option was to sit down and write a letter or place a phone call to express their unhappiness – or to even give feedback on how a product could be improved.

Suppose though, that your company made the effort, right on the website, to give consumers an outlet to vent their frustrations, offer suggestions – or talk about how much they love what your company has to offer? This capability is entirely possible with mailVU’s Video Testimonial Widget, available through our Business Plan. The video recording widget can be placed on your company’s site with a request for feedback – no matter whether it’s positive or ‘constructive criticism’ – from customers. With the widget, you can ask how your product or service can be better and you can find our what features a customer wants to see added. Using video also allows a customer to show what issue they’re having with an item instead of trying to describe their problem in an email. It’s a perfect vehicle to learn how you can better serve your client base.

Offering video feedback shows your customers that you’re willing to provide a more personal approach to reach them than a ‘Contact Us’ button that takes them to a generic text email or contact form abyss. Your business will have to dedicate someone to handle the video messages that come in, but that could prove to be worth your while – there isn’t a person around who wouldn’t prefer a video response from someone in your organization acknowledging receipt of their recording and giving a solution to their problem.

Testimonials have been around since the dawn of business – video simply offers a more personalized component. Even the nation’s satirical paper of record has gotten in on collecting video testimonials!

The video recording widget is just one feature of mailVU’s versatile Business Plan. The plan also allows companies to brand video emails with their logo and colors. Pre-recorded videos may be uploaded, emailed, and/or embedded onto the business’s website, Twitter, or Facebook.

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