Create a Custom mailVU Video Email Footer

One of the many features included with a mailVU Business Plan account is the ability to implement custom footers below your video mail. To access the footer area, log into your account, click on My Account, and click on My Profile. On the left side of the screen you will see the Signature text area. Here are three ways to utilize this space:

  1. Use this space for your contact information. Include your email address, phone numbers, physical addresses – whatever you like. The information you enter will automatically be added to the footer of all your mailVU video mail. If you enter your website’s URL, it becomes clickable from your video mail. In the Business Plan this footer becomes part of your template, which is viewable and clickable on the video landing page.
  1. Custom Video Email Footer

    Custom Video Email Footer

    As a premium function of the Business Plan, the Signature text area accepts HTML. This enables you to insert images into your footer, which can be hyperlinked. In the Business Plan, this image becomes part of your template and is also viewable and clickable on the video landing page. It is a great way to incorporate a clickable horizontal banner below your video emails.

To insert a linkable image in the footer, follow this format:

<a href=”http:// your URL link“><img src=”http:// a link to your image file“></a>

In this example our client DSA inserted a horizontal banner into the footer. When clicked, it takes you to their website. You can do the same with your banner.

  1. mailVU Footer Screen

    Another way to utilize the footer is to include your social media icons. On the right side of the My Profile screen are options to insert these buttons at the bottom of your video mail. This is another premium feature of the Business Plan, allowing you to easily add standard links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Simply select the social media site from the drop down list and enter the URL for your page. In a previous blog we wrote about Social Media in Successful Email Marketing and how combining the two makes for a powerful marketing campaign. We make this easy to do with the Business Plan.

Be sure to save changes to your profile. Once saved, the changes are immediately available. Send yourself a video mail to see how it looks!

Having the ability to insert contact information and links in your mailVU video email footer makes it easy to implement Calls-to-Action. For instance, you can tell people what you want them to do in the video, and ask them to “click the link below.” Even if you only have the Basic account you may still insert URLs in the footer text for people to click.

Are you part of a non-profit looking for a unique way to do fundraising? With the ability to add information to the footer of your videos, mailVU offers an easy way to connect your video messaging campaign to your social media sites. Simply ask viewers to “click on our Facebook (…or Twitter, or LinkedIn or whatever site you use to connect to your audience) link below to donate.”

Questions? Contact us at We’d love to hear from you!

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