Drive Video Commerce With mailVU

In our previous post we discussed how adding video can boost your online sales. Commerce on eBay can be improved by embedding your mailVU video directly into your ad, while Amazon and Craigslist allow you to insert video with a short URL link. Businesses can also use mailVU video to increase sales by using the video testimonial recording widget. The widget, included in every mailVU Business Plan account, enables your company to collect video testimonials and reviews. These customer testimonials build trust and user engagement on your site, while increasing website conversions.

mailVU’s video testimonial widget makes it easy to collect customer reviews from anywhere in the world. With the widget, you avoid the cumbersome process of requesting a testimonial, following up, and then uploading the video. Businesses can easily solicit video testimonials from clients and customers right from their website or Facebook page. Here is an example from our friends at The Natural Running Store. mailVU’s video recorder lets clients record a video review right from their webcam.

We understand that video reviews are not always glowingly positive, so we deliver them securely to your account for private viewing. You can play your videos and if desired, embed them on your website for others to see. You may also download your testimonial videos, or email them to prospects as references. If you don’t like the video, simply delete it. You have complete control over which recordings to publish.

mailVU’s recording widget is designed for easy integration. The recorder is unbranded so it fits in with any website’s color scheme, effortlessly integrating onto sites without altering existing elements. Adding it is as simple as pasting a line of provided HTML code. Along with testimonials, the recorder can be used on your Contact Us or Customer Service pages.

The highly coveted aspect of user engagement turns the video recording widget into a powerful video commerce tool. When recording a video testimonial or review, viewers must submit their contact information. These leads can easily be used for follow up, giving businesses another online marketing tool.

mailVU is used worldwide as an online video platform. Our service enables video recording and distribution via email, collection of video testimonials, reviews, and contest entries, and video hosting for your website. The best and fastest growing online social media connection is through video. mailVU helps businesses increase user engagement, and even more importantly, get results!

Would you like to increase your sales with video marketing? Try a 14-day free trial of our Business Plan today. Have questions? Send a video message from mailVU’s Contact Us page. We’d love to see and hear from you!



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