It’s So Much More Than Just Video Email…

The other day, I was having lunch with one of my bosses and he mentioned that after explaining to someone what mailVU does, their response was, “You should change your name!”

mailVU’s grown on me, so I hope we won’t have to undergo a name change. I’ve finally gotten my Microsoft Word to recognize small ‘m’ capital ‘VU’ when I type the name as the first word in a sentence. It’s taking some time to train others that officially it’s little ‘m’ capital ‘VU,’ but much like my own first name, eventually people will get it (after I’ve corrected them 10,000 times.)

If you really think about it, I suppose the company has outgrown the name a little. When you visit our site where you can quickly click, record, and send your thoughts to anyone, anywhere in the world, I can see why someone would think video email is the only thing we do.

It’s not.

To find out just what it is that mailVU does in addition to video mail, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of mailVU’s Business Plan, shall we?

Video Testimonial Widget – You’ve got customers who love what you do or what you sell. Let them share their experiences with potential customers by recording a video testimonial. Place the testimonial recorder on your site, download the videos and embed them onto the page for easy viewing. Word of mouth from people who are satisfied with your company is the best kind of advertising! Want to see this in action? See mailVU’s Business Plan web page.

Video Contests – Want to run a video contest from your website or Facebook page? We can do that! Contestants may record video submissions on the fly from their webcam or smartphone, or upload a pre-recorded video. We capture the user information form, associate it with the video, and track view counts. Since mailVU service is private you have the ability to screen the video submissions before posting them to your site. Once you’ve posted the best entries, allow your users to vote for the winners!

Video Embedding – Create awesome video FAQs, video blogs, video messages – anything you can think up to communicate with people visiting your site. Drive traffic to your site, not ours. Want to see video embedding in action? See mailVU’s About Us page.

Branding – When you use video email as part of your marketing, you’ll want your company’s logo to go along with those messages. We let you do that. If you use mailVU for Android or mailVU for iPhone to send quick videos, your messages retain your logo! Also, your recipients will only see your videos and not be bombarded with ‘suggested/recommended’ videos from other outlets (you know, like your competition.)

Social Media – You can create shortlinks to post your videos on your various social media channels. This is especially helpful on Twitter where you only get 140 characters to make an impression! With our Business Plan, you can include links to your socmed channels within your branded video messages!

Uploading Capabilities – Got professional videos? Videos that were created a few months ago, but you’re not sure what to do with them? Upload them to your Business Plan dashboard and send them out to prospective customers or embed them on your site.

Privacy – Do you want to post your videos to your site to share with the world or do you just want a handful of people to see them and not forward the links all over the place? With our video platform, the choice is yours. We offer self-destruct features you may set so your videos may only be available for a limited number of days or views.

Video mail is our signature service and I’d urge anyone to try out mailVU’s free version. Once you get hooked, you’ll definitely want the premium options mailVU offers with our Business Plan.

Keep in mind that we also private label our online video platform! Private label removes all mailVU branding and URLs, substituting yours instead. Imagine offering up mailVU’s powerful video platform to your clients as if it were your own developed service! Whether you use our API, or private label accounts, we can customize a solution that works with your business model.

If you have any questions about anything, contact us in video or email so we can walk you through our services and find a customizable, affordable plan that’s right for you.


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