See Who’s Viewing Your Videos!

You’ve finally made the decision to launch a video email marketing campaign.

Good for you! Cheers all around! It’s going to be fantastic for your business!

When choosing an online platform, one thing you should look for is the ability to see who is watching your video messages, when they watched, and how many times. mailVU’s Business Plan offers that capability.

To try out our viewer notification process, create two videos to A/B test. Use different people, different settings, perhaps even a different tone in each recording. Determine your sample audience (calling them guinea pigs is a little mean, so think of them as your own ‘focus group’) and send video A to half the list and video B to the remainder. See which one gets the most click-thru. This will help you determine which of your messages is most effective.

With mailVU’s video analytics tool, you’ll get a good understanding of what your viewers want to see in your video email marketing so you can tailor it for maximum response.

As awesome as it is, the Business Plan isn’t just analytics. With it, you can send video emails bordered by your company logo. You may also include custom video email HTML footers to convey additional information, such as special offers or links to your website. You may also embed these videos onto your site without worry that there will be ‘recommended’ videos from competitors alongside.

mailVU can help your business offer great video email marketing. Contact us in video to find out how!


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