Employment Branding: 3 Recruiting Videos That Do It Right

We are pleased to have guest blogger Jennifer King of Software Advice discussing the importance of using video in the employee recruitment process:

While a recruiting video is a great tool that can help your company establish and strengthen its employment brand, most fall into the typical recruiting video trap where it introduces company executives, talks about the exciting market in which the company plays, or includes other overly-scripted scenarios that fail to give potential candidates an accurate (or relevant) perception of the employment brand.

In contrast, companies that effectively use video to promote their employment brand do so by showcasing their employees and work environment in the most realistic way possible. These videos highlight unique aspects of their organization, including some of the more subtle things that differentiate the company, like unconventional office decor, clips from lively company meetings or other day-to-day activities that give the company a personality and make it authentic.

The best way to establish an employment brand is to depict an authentic employee experience, and I found three recruiting videos which do just that. The following pieces by Zendesk, Rackspace, and HubSpot do a great job authentically portraying what a prospective employee’s life would be like at the company.

What do you think of these examples? Hopefully they will help you think about your own employment brand and how you can use video to convey the employee experience.

Jennifer King is an HR Analyst at Software Advice, a company that compares and reviews HR software. Read the full post on her HR blog.

We thank Jennifer for discussing the importance of recruitment videos in today’s employee searches. One major marketing point to ponder is that while your company can talk about how great it would be for a prospect to work there, a well-made video showcasing the workplace with testimonials from enthusiastic employees could prove the key to getting top talent.

For smaller companies that don’t have the resources to sift through the thousands of resumes that could potentially pour in from having a video available publicly through YouTube, mailVU’s online video platform makes it easy to create videos targeted only to the prospects you want to reach. With mailVU’s Business Plan, those videos can be further branded with your company logo and sent directly to the prospect’s email inbox. These videos can be embedded on your company website or used in social media if you choose to make them public.

For more on using video for recruiting, check out this post. To get started on your own recruitment video, visit mailVU.com!


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