How to Fix Your Video Marketing Mistakes

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I’ve written a couple of times about my love of goofy 80s horror movies and this time is no different. It’s amazing how much one can relate video marketing to these films.

Well, maybe it’s just me…

A while back, I caught The Video Dead, a tale that starts off with a guy taking possession of a TV he didn’t order and meeting his eventual demise at the hands of zombies that emerge from said TV – they kept coming even after he unplugged it. Two teens (though the girl ‘teen’ looked like she was pushing 30) move into the house after the man’s death and soon they’re embroiled in a battle against the video undead!

At the beginning of the story, the TV was mistakenly delivered. What better way to segue into mistakes that happen in video marketing and ways to correct them!

Poor sound/improper lighting – These are pretty easy fixes, turn on some lamps and check out how you look in front of your webcam. At, you can see how well lit you are before you start recording. You can also create test video messages to check on your sound levels before you record the real thing. Recording outdoors? Read our tips on how to improve your outdoor video recording.

Awkward appearance on camera – Not looking into the camera, staring off, twitchy movement; nothing will turn a viewer off faster than some weirdo sending them a video mail and looking shifty. This is especially true if you’re cold-contacting someone for business reasons. If you’re trying to sell to a customer, nothing says ‘completely untrustworthy’ like a fidgety onscreen appearance. Relax, take your time, use our video platform to practice and play the video messages back to critique your performance. If possible, get a few people close to you to look over your videos before you send them to business prospects – but be sure your test audience will offer you honest feedback. If you are recording with mailVU’s iphone app or Android app be sure to have the camera level with your face, not pointing up at your face like this:

Aimlessness/obvious unpreparedness – Extemporaneous video emails are handy. Sometimes it’s better to reach out to customers in an impromptu way in a world where big-budget productions are the norm, but prattling on about nothing for five minutes isn’t going to win you any new fans. Just because your video will be quick doesn’t mean you can’t think it through and create a brief script to keep your points on track. With mailVU’s Business Plan, once you have your video ready, you can upload it to your account dashboard and send it out to anyone, anywhere and check analytics on how well it does. Additionally, you can include links to your social media channels on your video and embed them onto your website. There are too many features for me to list in this paragraph, so check them out here.

The moral of The Video Dead? I’m not really sure, maybe something to do with not watching too much TV. The moral of this post? If you make these video marketing mistakes, a zombie will eat you!

Okay, that might not really happen, but if your video marketing plan isn’t on point, you’ll lose valuable customers. Even worse, if video isn’t yet part of your marketing quiver, you’ll be behind your competitors, so get on board! It’s’s so easy to get started.

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