Introducing mailVU, One Person at a Time

A couple of weekends ago, my husband and I were walking around Yale University’s campus in New Haven, Connecticut. A little background on how we ended up there:

We were in Connecticut for a wedding; the couple was married the day before our sixth wedding anniversary, which was pretty cool – it gave us a chance to return to the area where we were engaged (and I got to make a stop at the jeweler where my ring came from to pick out an anniversary gift!) We decided to go into New Haven for lunch at Modern Apizza where somehow, my margarita pizza disappeared!

Before we got to the pizza place, I was taking video of some of Yale’s buildings on my iPod Touch with mailVU’s free video sharing app (there’s also a video messaging app for Android.) As I was walking along, a Yale police officer stopped me to tease about my lack of a camera.

“I always see so many people taking pictures with iPhones instead of real cameras!” he said.

I laughed, “Actually, this is an iPod Touch and I wasn’t taking pictures, I was taking video to send as email – I don’t think you can do that with a regular camera,” I pointed out. Here’s the video I was taking when we ran into the officer:

Video: Yale University Campus

Video of Yale University Campus

We talked to him for about 15 minutes, explaining a little about mailVU’s features. He seemed genuinely impressed that such a platform existed where you could shoot video and send it via email, without having to download anything or close out of one service and log into another.

It turned out that he also creates videos for up and coming student athletes looking to be recruited by colleges, so my husband said mailVU would be a good way to let the students introduce themselves to coaches. He asked how to go about sending an introductory video message, I told him just go to and using his webcam, he can click, record and send right from the recorder on the site. He asked if there was a way to upload videos that have already been created – and there is! mailVU’s Business Plan would let him upload videos and distribute them to anyone, anywhere in the world!

I left him with my card and the hope that he got a chance to visit and look around to see that it was everything I described and more. Of course we invite anyone to check out our video mail platform, create a free account and start sending videos to your friends, family or business associates. If you want access to even more features, the highly customizable Business Plan is your best option. Questions? Contact us in a video message or email

- Kamilla

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