Kick Off Your Summer Email Marketing Campaign With mailVU

Summer has officially begun, but it’s not too late to create and execute an outstanding video email marketing campaign to warm up your business!

Because mailVU makes video via email so simple, a campaign for a company of any size may be completed and ready for inboxes within a matter of days. With our Business Plan, those video messages can be enhanced with your company’s logo and colors. Custom branding ensures that the recipient will remember your message more than if you sent a simple text email (those are so 2009!)

Just think of the creative, fun ways you can use video email for your business. Since I’m pretty addicted to desserts, I’ll use an ice cream parlor as an example of how video can help your email marketing.

Imagine with me:

You own a gourmet ice cream parlor, which serves flavors well beyond the ordinary chocolate and vanilla. Perhaps you’re looking for a unique, yet cost-effective way to debut a new flavor – maybe something with bits of caja or acai, or maybe you’ve successfully synthesized key lime pie into ice cream form. mailVU provides a perfect business video platform for your ice cream parlor to send branded video message to all those customers you so smartly collected email addresses from over the course of your business.

Imagine sending those customers video of you serving up scoops of your new yummy flavor in sundaes or in waffle cones. The possibilities are there and they are infinite!

Include in that scrumptious video message a sweet offer and they’ll be lined up this summer. Because your new flavor will become the new must-have treat for 2011, they’ll keep coming back – and if you have our Business Plan, you can hit them up for a video testimonial for your website later on.

Think of it this way, text email marketing is a lot like chocolate and vanilla ice cream; people like it, it’s been around forever and you can’t go wrong picking either of them. Video marketing is more like the unconventional ice cream flavors offered at my fictional ice cream parlor; it’s newer and it takes an intrepid personality to be among the first to try it out. Once tried, you’ll never want to go back to the old ones. Wouldn’t you rather that daring video email marketing pioneer be you and not your competitor?

Video messages are heating up email marketing (it’s summer, get it?) so why not offer your customers a cool treat and get started today?

Want to know more about those branded mailVU messages I mentioned? Contact Think about contacting us soon – Fall email marketing campaigns are right around the corner!

- Kamilla

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