mailVU’s Laws of Webcam Video Recording

“If anything can go wrong, it will,” or “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Most know these lines as variations on Murphy’s Law. There’s a whole huge history behind Murphy’s Law and its relation to probability and if I were to try to get into it all here, this simple blog post would run for pages and pages. Just know that Murphy was a real person, an engineer in the 40s whom the law was attributed.

As I was poking around the information superhighway, I came across this site where Murphy-esque laws have been created for professions, products, and hobbies.

Strangely, webcam video recording seemed to have been left off the list, so I’ve corrected that to introduce mailVU’s Laws of Webcam Video Recording!

  • You think you’ll get your webcam video done in one take, but you won’t. Even the pros rarely get before the camera and successfully get their lines right the first time. It’s ok! Take as long as you need to get your video messages just right. Be sure to take time to prep yourself and what you want to say. Play back your mailVU video after recording to make sure you like it. If not, just click Record again and overwrite the file with a fresh video.
  • On the day you plan to make your video message, you’ll wear that shirt with the bright lime green stripes. You’ve got a lot going on, so it’s easy to forget things like appropriate attire for the camera. Loud colors and patterns don’t really play well for webcams, but this is an easy fix. Go into your closet and find a nice solid color you’ll look good in.
  • You’ll finally get all your lines right, conveying your message beautifully… only to playback your webcam video and realize there’s low or no audio. Another easy fix; use a headset microphone if your computer doesn’t register sound very well. Before you start your formal recording, go to and create a quick test video to check your sound levels. Also, be sure you’re in an environment where you have good lighting, a good background, and where your sound won’t be drowned out by background noise.
  • You’ll be all set to record, but your webcam won’t be. Take a look at this post describing how to resolve common technical issues with your webcam. This article provides instructions on how to set your microphone level, and what to do if your webcam doesn’t show video.

Keep these webcam video recording laws in mind and everything that can go right, will!

Once you’ve created a stellar video marketing message, you’ll want to package it up professionally. Use a mailVU Business Plan account to distribute branded video messages throughout your social media channels, website and video mail. Business Plan users may also download their videos and process them with video editing software. The finished product can be uploaded back to your mailVU account for hosting and distribution.

Are there any laws I’ve left out? Let us know in video.



photo credit: rodrigo gianesi via photo pin cc

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