mailVU for Mobile Video Marketing

Tablets and smartphones are making mobile video marketing both easier and more widespread.

Free iPhone Video Sharing App

Free iPhone Video Sharing App

According to Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, mobile is where the growth is, and with mobile devices in more hands there are more opportunities to get eyes on your business.

With 64% of smartphone users using their devices to buy items online, it’s imperative to find a way to stand out. One way to make sure you get noticed is to add your own videos to your mobile marketing messages. mailVU’s online video platform has been used all over the world to share video messages via PC and webcam, but it’s also perfect for mobile video marketing. mailVU videos are optimized for mobile devices and are shown in the proper orientation; flip the phone vertically or horizontally and the video format automatically adjusts without the user or viewer having to make any changes.

mailVU’s free video email apps for Android and iOS make it easy to create marketing videos from your phone to share.

Our Business Plan also lets you create videos and have them surrounded by your company logo. Log into the free video apps on your smartphone or tablet and any video mails sent will also include the logo, providing a customized touch to your video marketing not seen with other video platforms!

Like with traditional video email marketing, it’s best to keep to the rules when venturing into mobile video email marketing:

- Make sure you have permission to send.

- Keep the information brief, but informative – you don’t want to wear the batteries out on those mobile devices!

- Adhere to proper lighting and sound standards.

Get ahead of the competition on all fronts and know that with mailVU, your videos will be accessible no matter what type of device is used. Want to know more? Contact us in a video message (we’ll be able to check it no matter where we are!) or at


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