Saying ‘I Do’ With mailVU Video Email

I’ve been invited to two weddings, two weeks apart this summer. I don’t mind, especially since two weddings in 14 days hardly dents my current four-weddings-in-three-months (mine included!) record back in 2006.

Oh, and there will be cake. That's always a plus.

Unlike in years and weddings past, this time I’ve got mailVU’s Android App. There’s also a mailVU video app for iPhone too. With it, I can record the solemn and beautiful ceremonies and capture the fun and funny stuff that will undoubtedly go on pre and post ceremony!

Brides and grooms can also use video at their weddings. Sure there may be a videographer, but I think it would be neat if guests could capture quick videos to share with the happy couple too. After all, just because there’s a photographer doesn’t mean that no one else is allowed to take pictures right? The photographer at my wedding got hundreds of fantastic shots, but I also got really good candids from guests.

And one of these days I’ll put all those pictures into the wedding album…

Anyway, here are some ways brides and grooms can curate their saying ‘I Do’ wedding videos:

  • Compile a video wall for your wedding website. You can also tell your ‘how we met’ and engagement story in video.
  • Ask guests to shoot candid video of the ceremony and reception. Instead of just giving out disposable cameras for photos, use mailVU’s free Android video sharing app or our free iPhone video sharing app to record and send video via email to the bride and groom for inclusion in a compilation video.
  • In addition to (or instead of) thank you notes, send video mail thank yous to those who attended. A video montage can also be sent to those who couldn’t attend but sent gifts and well-wishes.

Professional videographers should consider using mailVU’s Business Plan to upload and host videos for your website, for the couple, and for video mail to prospective customers.

With mailVU, you own the content and control the branding and distribution. Placing video on your professional site helps your SEO, not YouTube’s. By the way, have you taken a look at YouTube’s Terms of Service? They claim the right to use your content whenever, wherever, and however they want:

…by submitting content to YouTube, you hereby grant YouTube a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display…

YouTube is nothing without your content. If you find that unsettling, seek out an online video platform that doesn’t ask so much of you in return!

For soon-to-be weds, your wedding day is a magical time and it usually goes by in a blur. Video provides a means to capture those moments to share and look back on with all the sights and sounds of the day – moreso than still pictures.

Want to know more about mailVU’s online video platform? Send us a video email!


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