mailVU Video Sharing Apps Offer Branding

mailVU Video Sharing App on iPhone image

mailVU Video Sharing App on iPhone

We are pleased to announce that mailVU’s popular video sharing apps for iOS and Android offer business branding. When you log into your mailVU account from your Android or iPhone/iPad, all video messages sent from your mobile device will be stored online on your account dashboard. Branding from your account will be displayed on all the video messages that you share. Our free video sharing apps are available in iTunes and Google Play, and work on all iOS and Android devices with cameras.

mailVU Business Plan account holders will have their logo branding and colors applied to their video emails. If you have a custom mailVU footer it will also be applied to your mobile video messages. The footer is an ideal spot to include special offers, your signature text, and links to social media! The footer accepts HTML so be as creative as you like. By customizing branding on your iPhone and Android video emails you can now do your business video marketing on-the-go and share it quickly and easily with your clients.

Mobile Marketing: mailVU’s iPhone and Android videos can be used to market your business, placing your branded video directly into your audience’s inbox. Select the View Notification option and be alerted whenever the recipient views your video. With mailVU’s unique self-destruct option  you can control the number of times the recipient can view the video, or how many days it will be available.

mailVU Android Video Sharing app on Samsung Charge image

mailVU Android Video Email app on Samsung Charge

By integrating our video sharing apps with the Business Plan account you can have access to a wide variety of social tools:

  • Embed mobile videos on your website or blog.
  • Embed mobile videos within your e-newsletter/email marketing service (iContact, MailChimp, etc.)
  • Post a short URL for your mobile videos in Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Pin your mobile videos on your Pinterest boards.

mailVU makes it easy to record and share videos. And if you want to use video in your mobile marketing efforts, mailVU’s Business Plan is an affordable solution for just about any small business.

Have questions? Contact us using our online video recorder or use either of our video sharing apps and send your video message to info at

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