Mobile Broadband Enhances Video Marketing

Many leading-edge businesses have been shifting their marketing budgets to include video content. We recently posted an article on the trend toward Social Video and how it will help build user engagement with your brand. Many people use mailVU’s free iPhone app and our free Android video sharing app for creating videos on the go, using their wireless data connection. But if you are using a computer with webcam you will need a high bandwidth connection to ensure an optimal experience. It is very helpful to have a good mobile broadband connection.

mailVU Video Sharing app on AndroidmailVU app users can quickly and easily send full-length video email and video text. mailVU’s online video platform takes advantage of high speed connections by making it easy to record, host, and stream your videos all over the world.

Outbound video marketing can be done through mailVU’s award-winning video email service, or by posting a short URL link in Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. mailVU’s Business Plan includes a testimonial recording widget, allowing anyone in the world the ability to send you a video from their webcam. How great is it to know that there is a way to easily get incoming video recording! Best of all, mailVU’s business plan is very affordable. Login to your mobile app and the branding from your Business Plan will be applied, and your videos will be saved in your online account.

As you plan for 2012 video marketing, consider your infrastructure and decide if the time is right to equip your team with mobile broadband. O2 provides a Happiness Guarantee on all their packages, much like mailVU. Try mailVU’s Business Plan absolutely free for 14 days. If you don’t like it, cancel with no obligation.

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