Recording Video: Confidence is Key

Iron Man has confidence

Iron Man has confidence


Many of our video email users are naturals in front of the camera. Other users don’t want to be seen on camera and prefer sending pre-recorded videos, or recording events and meetings instead of themselves.

Not all of us can feel as confident as Iron Man. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little self-conscious in front of a camera so here are a few pointers on how you can become more confident:



  1. Set aside a specific day/time in which you want to record your video messages. For example you can set Tuesday mid-morning as the best time on your schedule to make videos. Having a set time gives you confidence by letting you prepare in advance, wearing specific clothes and being in a specific location. Check your appearance prior to your video recording session. How does your hair look? What are you wearing? These are the first two questions many people ask as they want to look their best. If you tend to dress casually on Fridays, or work from home on specific days, you might want to wait until you are back in the office in professional dress.
  2. Designate a specific location for recording your video messages. The best location may be at your office desk. It might be in your home office. Some of our clients like to record their video messages outside on mailVU’s iPhone video sharing app or our Android video sharing app. Both apps are free to download, and if you login to your account from the app your branding will be applied. If you know the location in advance, and are sure the background is suitable it will make you much more confident in your video recording.
  3. Make sure you have good lighting and a quiet environment. Lighting can make a big difference in the quality of the video recording. Just like photography, be sure to have the light shining on you, not behind you. Don’t have a window behind you when recording indoors. When recording video outdoors pay particular attention to wind. It won’t seem like an issue until you play the video message back and hear the wind noise covering the audio. As long as you plan in advance for the environment you can feel confident in your video recording.

mailVU makes it easy to record and send personal video messages from your computer, iOS device, or Android device. You can record and play the video back to make sure you like it. If not, simply re-record until you are happy. You don’t have to send the video message until you are completely satisfied. Don’t worry if you need 4 or 5 ‘takes’ to get it just right. It’s better to be happy with your video than to save a few minutes.

To further present your video message in a positive way sign up for our Business Plan where you can surround your video email with your logo, your colors, and your custom footer with a Call to Action. Here is an example of the branding one of our Business Plan users applied to their account. You can try our Business Plan Free for 14 Days so there is no risk to try it out.

By following the pointers listed above you can feel confident that your video message will deliver a great presentation. Questions? Contact us at support at

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