Run a Video Contest on Your Website

mailVU makes it easy for any business or school to run online video contests on your website or Facebook page. You don’t need the large budget of CNN or other large brand, nor do you need video servers or encoding expertise. To see an example of a mailVU video contest, click the image below to see how Kalamazoo College implemented a video contest on their website.

mailVU Video Contest for Kalamazoo College

mailVU Video Contest for Kalamazoo College

It starts with a customized contest entry form. Tell us the entry fields you want the user to complete and we’ll create the HTML form for your website. Name, address, email, company, school…you name it. You can choose up to 12 fields, their type, and length. mailVU creates the online video contest form for you!

A video upload tool is included in the video contest form. The user can browse their computer, smartphone, or tablet, select their video, and click Upload. We accept mp4, avi, mov, flv, wmv, mts, 3gp, 3gpp… just about any format! Videos can be up to 250Mb in size.

Access the online video contest entries through a private mailVU account.

Play the videos and judge them for your contest. Once the content is captured mailVU provides a wide array of distribution tools. You may embed the videos on your website for others to view/vote. Download the source files, distribute them as needed through video email, or reference this article on how to embed your mailVU videos in your favorite Social Media channel. mailVU provides the embed codes and the video email distribution service.

With mailVU’s video contest service the user stays on your website or Facebook page.

No more sending them to YouTube or asking for a link! The user simply completes the entry form and uploads the video from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. mailVU does the video hosting and streaming so you have no incremental server or bandwidth expense. We make it easy for you, and the contest entrant.

Keep video contest entries private until you want them to be seen.

mailVU provides the ability to curate video submissions. After all there are a lot of kooks on the Internet, and just like comment fields, it is important to be able to moderate feedback and delete undesirable input. You certainly don’t want negative videos of you out on public hosting sites!

Retain ownership of your content.

It’s your video content, and you determine how it’s used. mailVU does nothing with your content other than use it in providing the service. We will never sell, re-purpose, or advertise with your content. We won’t show other ‘recommended’ videos either. At the end of the video contest you may download all your content, erasing them from mailVU servers. We put you in control of your valuable video contest content. Try reading the Terms and Conditions of the public video hosting sites – it’s scary!

Your video contest information is confidential.

We understand that the content of video contests may be propriety information from customers, students, or employees. We do not share form data or video content with any third party. And we’re ready and willing to sign NDAs! Try getting YouTube or Facebook to sign your NDA – good luck.

We make online video contests easy! Contact us at info at and let’s discuss your needs.

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