Running Circles Around Competitors With mailVU

Meet Patton Gleason. He’s president of Natural Running Store and a mailVU Business Plan account user. He was recently featured in a terrific article on popular online socmed magazine Social Media Examiner where he spoke about how he uses social tools in his e-commerce running shoe business – a business that’s taken off in just a year’s time.

Patton also talked about mailVU and how he uses our online video platform to share information and tips with his loyal customer base. We thought that was really cool! Check out his video testimonial below where he talks more about the business of running and how mailVU provides an easy way for him to get his messages out:

This next video is an example of how Patton uses our service to easily convey handy suggestions. In this video that he sent to followers on Twitter, he demonstrates how to tie a secure knot in your running shoe. With mailVU he can just click, record and send (or, since he has our Business Plan, embed) video tips just like this one:

Thanks so much for taking time to do a video blog for us Patton! As you see, he’s provided a real-world example of how mailVU’s Business Plan allows you to speak to your customers in a unique, personal way. From video email, to creating links for social media channels, to embedding video onto your website or blog, mailVU lets you do all those things. Unlike with YouTube, you can brand your videos and create video mail messages that can only be accessed by designated recipients. You may also set the number of days or views that your video mail will be available.

Want to talk about how you can tailor our video platform to your business? Send us a video via email or email us at



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