School’s Out! Video Keeps Learning, Fun Going

Classes are coming to a close as students at all levels head for summer break.

You can almost hear the collective sighs of relief.

In the last few days, wouldn’t it be a treat to end the school year with a fun keepsake? (Spoiler alert – student video embedded below! Keep reading.)

I’m thinking it might be a pretty neat idea to get the students together one last time to create a farewell video.

Teachers can be as creative as they want with their farewell message, but one idea would be recording the students talking about the most interesting and important thing they’ve learned in the past year. The responses can be played on the last day of class (and it’ll be a great way to kill time instead of sitting and staring at the clock.)

Video can also be used for continued learning over the summer. I know it’s probably too early to talk about another school year when summer hasn’t even begun, but I’m sure teachers will forgive my jumping ahead. Besides, using video messaging to reach and engage prospective students is a fairly easy proposition with our video service and we’ll be here whenever you’re ready to get started!

One way to keep students energized about learning while they’re not in the classroom would be to get them to chart in video what they’re doing over the break – this would be especially helpful for language classes where the student could talk about their summer vacation in the language they’re studying. Those with iPhones and Androids can easily record brief videos of interesting vacation events using mailVU’s apps.

They can then video mail their responses to their teacher to share as a first-day icebreaker.

Since summer is mostly about having fun, students can create fun video projects where they’ll learn the best ways to record video outdoors, write scripts, and use editing software. Check out this imaginative two-minute video we talked about earlier. It was made by a college student during his summer break:

Video: Shatterframe’s Dueling Dash

Shatterframe video filmed in Waxhaw, NC

Don’t miss the climactic train scene at the end! The video was made by Erik Fitzpatrick of Shatterframe Productions.

Also, let’s not forget that students will also be saying their goodbyes to high school and college in graduation ceremonies (and of course, little ones will get their diplomas as they advance to the next grade!) It would be excellent to get video of that special event to share with those who might not be able to attend due to space or travel limitations! You can create video short-links for social media sites to share instantly.

mailVU makes all this incredibly easy to accomplish in a short time. Try it and you’ll see how easy it is to incorporate our online video platform into your curriculum! To make your videos stand out more, mailVU’s Business Plan is available and makes it so easy to upload and embed videos anywhere.

Let us know how you’ve used or are planning to use video here. We might even share your ideas!


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