Send Multiple Videos in One Email Message

A mailVU user recently asked us how to send multiple videos within a single video message. It is an easy process using the Signature area under the My Profile tab.

Simply copy the Embed code for the additional recordings you wish to append to your video mail. mailVU Business Plan account users may select the Email Embed code that provides the thumbnail images, or use the short Link Embed code. mailVU Basic Account Plan holders may use the Link Embed code.

mailVU embed code selection

mailVU Embed Code Selection

Go to My Account, My Profile, and add the video embed codes to the Signature area. You may also add additional text such as “Video #2,” etc. before the HTML code. It will look something like this:

mailVU Signature area

Signature Text

After you finish pasting the video embed codes to your signature, click Save. Now when you email any video from your account your additional videos will be appended to look like the following:

Multiple videos in a single mailVU video email.

Multiple videos in a single mailVU video email.

In this example the recipient will be able to play all videos, eliminating the need to send three separate video emails!

As with all mailVU video messages, we host and stream the videos so there are no large files to clutter up the recipient’s inbox. mailVU encodes all of the videos to play on multiple formats, senses the devices playing the videos, and automatically streams the correct format for the device. You can be confident your videos will be playable by your audience on their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

mailVU provides the easiest and fastest way to record and distribute video messages. We offer a basic free account, a full-featured branded account for businesses, and private label for service organizations. Whether you’re looking to use mailVU for outgoing video messages, video marketing, video contests or to record incoming video testimonials on your website, we’d love to show you all the possibilities, so send us a video email via our Video Contact Page or to

PS – Check out our free iOS video sharing app or our free Android video sharing app. Have a mailVU Business Plan? The mobile apps can be synched to include your company branding from your account!

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