Show Your Assets in a Recruitment Video!

Are you looking for a creative way to bring the best talent to your company?

Does your college or university need a unique way to encourage top talent to enroll?

The best way to accomplish both is with a recruitment video! Don’t just try to extol your virtues in a lengthy text email, get out the camera or iPhone (check out mailVU’s iPhone app) and start getting some awesome location and people shots.

For the company – Get some enthusiastic employees to talk briefly about why they love working for the business and why the video message’s recipient will too. Perhaps a personal video email from the boss might sway a talented potential employee to join the team.

For the college – Let students talk about the reasons they selected your school out of all the schools they could have attended. Encourage them to discuss their classes, extracurricular activities, and the social scene. Send a personalized video via email to an up and coming student you’re looking to recruit, introducing them to faculty, staff and students.

For both – Put cameras in the employees/students hands and let them give a virtual tour of the company/college. Take a look at this video. It’s quick walk near Ogden Circle at yours truly’s alma mater, the most beautiful campus in the whole wide world, Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. And I’m not just saying it’s beautiful because they gave me a degree – it’s on the water and it’s quite idyllic.

According to legend, if you walk across the grassy circle first shown in the video, you don’t graduate from HU. Ever. Despite my usually defiant nature, I never tempted fate.

Once you turn over the cameras, let your documentarians give official tours of important buildings, classrooms, dorms, workspaces and ‘unofficial’ tours – the best spots to grab something to eat or take a break from the work or class grind. Letting recipients see real people and real places – and even sharing folklore like that involving Ogden Circle, just might get them to come over to your side.

Once your school begins using video, it’s going to be difficult to stop. Check out this post to learn other ways video can benefit higher ed.

Video is also making major strides as a sales and marketing tool with businesses.

Whether a business or a college campus, video provides a means to offer contact well beyond text email. You can show rather than tell what makes your organization special with either professionally recorded videos uploaded to your mailVU Business Plan or with a few impromptu videos like I discussed above (honestly, these are the best kind in my humble opinion.)

Want to talk more about using video in your recruitment efforts? Talk to us here or email Active on Pinterest? See mailVU’s awesome Pinterest boards!

- Kamilla

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