Spice Up Those End-of-Year Messages With Video


The clock on 2011 is quickly winding down. Those last newsletters, addresses and invites will be hitting inboxes shortly. Want to make sure your content stands out from everyone else’s? Take a look at these suggestions to make your communications more unique!

End-of-year company addresses:

Instead of lengthy, wordy emails from the company’s higher-ups that most people barely

Get the company mascots dressed up for your holiday video newsletter!

glance at before their eyes glaze over, how about taking a few minutes to send your valuable, hardworking employees a personal video message? It doesn’t have to be a long, elaborate production, just be you and let your workforce know how much they’re appreciated. Your employees will thank you.

Add video to your email newsletter:

For most businesses, this month’s newsletter will be the final one for the year. Do something different and add a video to your Contactology, MailChimp or Constant Contact email newsletters! Had a great year and want to make sure everyone hears about it? Let your recipients know with a video. You can create a more individualized, custom look by adding your company’s logo with mailVU’s Business Plan. With video viewership rising exponentially you’ll want to keep ahead of the competition and use it well into 2012!

Carry the video theme over to your family’s holiday newsletter or card – get everyone dressed up (reindeer antlers optional, see pic above) Click, Record and Send your video email greetings to anyone, anywhere in the world quickly and easily! Who knows, maybe the receivers will get inspired to do the same. Think of the creativity this could spark as one by one, people decide to shift to video – no more paper newsletters and cards that go on and on about boring stuff before they’re relegated to the trash!

Use video to enhance your social engagements:

Planning an end-of-year get together? Instead of e-vitations, send a video mail invitation! With our service, you’ll know who’s received and viewed your video. Have the recipients send their RSVP back to you in a video message. During the parties, take a few candid recordings to share – or blackmail people with — later on.

Now would be a great time to introduce video into your marketing mix. We’d love to hear how you incorporate it this holiday season! Let us know at info@mailVU.com.

Happy video messaging!


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