TechCrunch Visits Charlotte Startups

mailVU was pleased to be one of the sponsors of the TechCrunch Southeast Meetup in Charlotte. There are many Charlotte startups that are doing well, but flying under the radar of Silicon Valley, so it was great to see Charlotte on the TechCrunch tour. Hopefully the meetup will grant increased exposure for the talent and innovation in Charlotte. Along with entrepreneurs there were representatives from the city, investors, and business professionals.

TechCrunch visits Charlotte startups

TechCrunch visits Charlotte startups

Here is a brief video of the Charlotte startup event taken from mailVU’s Android video sharing app, capturing some of the buzz from the event:


Video: TechCrunch Visits Charlotte Startups

TechCrunch visits Charlotte Startups July 2012

We were pleased to see others at the event using mailVU’s iPhone video sharing app and would not be surprised if videos of the event are Tweeted and embedded onto blogs. mailVU’s Business Plan account makes it easy to record and post videos anywhere.

It was great to see TechCrunch in Charlotte, and we look forward to the next meetup!

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    Great News!