The Art of Cupcaking and Video Marketing

I’m a firm believer that everyone should know where the best cupcakeries are in the town they live in. I’m lucky that here in the Charlotte, N.C.-metro I’ve found several; SAS, Gigi’s, The Blushing, Polka Dot, and many others (there are quite a few!)

Here is gratuitous video of delicious cupcakes below. These are from Gigi’s when they first opened (I was the first in Charlotte to get their loyalty card!) Here we have banana cream pie, two wedding cakes and a red velvet.

After my latest outing to Gigi’s where I got myself a tiramisu cupcake, I thought about how video marketing and cupcakes have a lot in common. Follow me if you will…

Cupcakes, by their nature, are designed to satiate the desire for a little something sweet. They’re portable and when they’re really good, they’re individualized with different frostings and toppings. This individualization is something video marketers should think of doing when striving for exceptional customer service! Check out this article on social customer service and how one of mailVU’s Business Plan users has incorporated video into his marketing mix. When using video, you don’t have to give the recipient the whole cake – in other words, you don’t have to spend 30 minutes fawning. Just offer a small portion, a recording of a minute or less, that lets the customer know who you are and how you can best meet their needs.

Cupcakes offer a wide variety of flavors so the consumer can choose what they like. Your company has identified its marketing personas so you know what ‘flavor’ to dish out to each person you’re looking to reach. You probably wouldn’t video market to a C-level executive in the same way you would one-time customer. mailVU’s video email service makes it easy to tailor your video recordings. Simply create your message, prepare to make your video, click, record and send!

Cupcakes aren’t incredibly expensive. Around here, one of these gourmet confections I’m so fond of may be had for around $3 to $4; your run-of-the-mill grocery store cupcake is usually less than half that. Like these little frosted treats, mailVU’s online video platform is inexpensive and your company can start video marketing as soon as you’re ready. With your plan’s account, you can link your branded video emails to mailVU’s iPhone app or mailVU’s Android app and send video messages on the go!

Oh, and all you cupcake bakeries, now’s a perfect time to include video in your email marketing (see video above.) Pictures are okay when you send me emails, but go a little further! Show me (and others) video of your cupcakes right as they’re about to be frosted (the best part) or send me video of your cupcake of the day and you’ll have me (and lots of others) flocking to your stores!

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