Video Drives Sales for Toys R Us and Cuisinart

Today, I’d like to share a real-life example of how product videos helped me decide to make a purchase.

Gather around, here’s my story:

Three days before I was scheduled to return to my home state for Christmas and I was trolling the Internet trying to track down a gift for one of my nieces. (Yep, three days before I was supposed to leave. Life on the edge, I know.)

I had an idea what I wanted to get her. See, she likes to write, just like me, so I’d planned to get her a password journal; unlike regular diaries and journals, it would only open to the sound of her voice. I cruised Toys R Us online where the potential gift was listed.

Like most websites, there were a few pictures of the potential gift and – lo and behold – video! Yes, Toys R Us had gotten my mental memos! Right on their site was an embedded video with little girls showing how to use the item. I didn’t have to leave the site to try to find a video, it was right there for me.

Another company that uses video in a helpful way – Cuisinart. I got a shiny set of cookware as a gift and when I went to register it, there were several how-to videos for kitchen items. I spent 10 minutes learning to use Cuisinart appliances! I’ll be adding a couple of them to my culinary arsenal.

Do people decide to buy after spending time on your business’s website? According to Internet Retailer’s April 2010 report, consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products compared to those who do not watch. Consumers also spend 9% more time viewing a page with embedded video compared to when no video is present. It’s no wonder than online retailers are rapidly implementing video marketing!

A new year is upon us. Isn’t it time to get your business onboard with video marketing? We make it incredibly easy to record, embed, and distribute videos with your company’s logo and colors.

With mailVU’s Business Plan you can:

  • Embed videos on your site
  •  Send video as email with links to your social media sites
  •  Record video testimonials and video product reviews from customers
  •  Send video mail thank you messages

Toys R Us and Cuisinart provide great examples of how to use video to increase online sales. Contact us at to learn how we can help your business do the same!


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