Video Email Offers Better Hotel Descriptions

“Don’t assume the hotel will be as nice as it looks on the website.”

The above was included in a piece titled “How To Spot Deceptive Hotel Websites And Fraudulent Trip Advisor Reviews,” which ran on travel site

I admit I’ve been suckered into falling in ‘like’ with a hotel based on a few well-staged pictures on its website, only to check in and find things weren’t as presented. Since video is so easy to obtain, why aren’t hotels, especially those that boast four and five star reviews, using it to further entice potential travelers?

I’m sure the lack of video has a lot to do with the fact that it’s easier to portray an image of beauty in a carefully crafted picture – and consumers end up deceived. Then the complaints and blog posts like the one from Gadling happen.

For those hotels that do have beautiful amenities, rooms and grounds, why not flaunt those attributes in video? Here’s one I shot using mailVU’s free video iOS app a few months ago at Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort Hotel:

Video: Coronado Springs Hotel Fountain

Luckily, one hotel has learned that video is the future and its staff is embracing video email marketing. Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. is using video mail to showcase their meeting spaces to event planners, which is a very smart idea! I can’t in any way take credit for Hutton Hotel’s decision to use video mail, but in a previous post, using video to scout locations for special events was discussed. Glad it’s catching on!

It really is so simple to take a few videos – and to update them – to share with customers. Having these recordings can make a lot of difference and there won’t be as many “This isn’t at all like what the pictures online looked like,” –type complaints or negative reviews on travel sites.

For those who want to follow Hutton Hotel’s lead and create an engaging video email marketing campaign to bring in new business to amazing facilities, mailVU offers a customizable solution with its Business Plan. Email or send a video message to to learn more.


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