Video Mail Chat With mailVU

Even with super advanced video chatting technology, sometimes it’s impossible to chat live over the computer. Time zones and/or conflicting schedules tend to get in the way of being able to sit down and conduct business (or just have a personal discussion with a friend or family member.)

Just because it’s hard to coordinate time to talk when separated doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do. With mailVU, you can video chat with video email!

We previously wrote a bit about how easy it is to video mail chat. Simply visit and create a video message using the onscreen recorder – make sure you have Adobe Flash 10 or later. Send the video via email to your intended recipient(s). The message will be waiting in their inbox for them to check at their convenience (kind of like a video voicemail for email!)

After your recipients have viewed your message, they can simply respond by clicking Reply as highlighted in the image below:

In one click, your recipient will be taken to an onscreen recorder that allows them to reply to your message quickly and easily! Keep in mind that neither you nor your viewer will have to download any software in order to send video email. Since the videos are hosted and streamed by mailVU, there are no large files to clog up inboxes. You and your recipient can video chat back and forth without limits.

Video mail chat is a perfect solution for personal use, such as when your loved ones are far from you and you cannot talk live. Recorded videos are also great for business use in messaging clients or colleagues. The emotional appeal of video, with facial expressions and voice inflections, brings out so much more than plain text chat!

By using mailVU’s online video platform for video email chats, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on important face-to-face business correspondence simply because of scheduling issues or time differences. Try out mailVU’s economical Basic Plan, or for professional features like branding and the testimonial recording widget, try our Business Plan.


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