A Video Scavenger Hunt

I can’t believe how quickly summer is slipping by!

Wait, I say that every year. I’ve probably said it every year since I’ve understood what summer is.

Ah well, it bears repeating and I needed an opening sentence since readers will probably know what I’m going to write next: school will be opening back up soon. I must say, I always liked school and thus I like writing about it. I’ll wait while the yells of ‘nerd!’ are finished.

All done? Great.

As repeat readers to this blog know, we talk about video in this space. A lot. It’s our mission to make sure it’s used in every facet of life, both business and personal. I thought since back-to-school is upon us, what’s one way video can be used to ease the transition from hanging out at home and waking up at noon to getting up early and paying attention in class?

A video scavenger hunt using mailVU of course! It’s one way to get students out of the classroom and immerse them in the curriculum.

As a for instance, I was walking around Uptown Charlotte, NC near mailVU’s headquarters and I realized the area is awash (heh) in really creative fountains. Check out some of the video I shot:


A Few Charlotte Fountains

It would be a pretty interesting assignment, I think, to have students go out into their communities and find as many water features as they can – or historical sites, or plants, or whatever you might be studying. Create clues and let your students figure out where they need to go. The video scavenger hunt could go on for a day, a week, a semester or the entire year! It’s easily accomplished with mailVU’s free video apps for iPhone and Android. Since mailVU streams these videos, the teacher’s inbox won’t get overloaded with data. If you’re a teacher with an active blog, by using our Business Plan, you can embed the best videos onto your site, changing them as you see fit.

mailVU’s videos can be incorporated throughout all aspects of education, including integrating videos into Learning Management Systems (LMS). Take a look at some other options for using mailVU in the classroom and administrative offices.

We’re hoping that everyone has a safe and happy return to classes! If you’d like to talk to us more about incorporating video messaging at your school or university, contact us in video or email info@mailVU.com.


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