Use Video Testimonials for Feedback

Recently, I came across this article outlining some of the reasons it’s important to capture video feedback after a webinar or seminar.

The article clearly explained the need to collect video feedback – for later use in marketing material, to glean ideas for future presentations and to collect video that may be used in other sessions.

This type of feedback is extremely valuable and those who want it need an easy way to obtain it.

Video recorder for websites: Along with our video messaging service, mailVU’s video testimonial widget provides an easy way to hear what participants thought of your presentation, get ideas for future webinars, and take more in-depth questions. Take a few moments to answer some of the questions via video mail and you can open a dialogue and perhaps get a few new clients! Here is an example of a business capturing video stories from their clients.

A similar recording widget can be placed right on your website, blog, or Facebook page and you can direct people there to leave comments. With mailVU’s Business Plan, you can privately view and moderate those comments. If you like them, embed them on your blog or distribute them through social media or email. Since we’re talking about the Business Plan, know that you can surround your videos with your company’s logo (we now let you send branded video mail from mailVU’s iPhone and Android video messaging apps!)

Video testimonials aren’t just limited to after-seminar feedback. You can also use them to gather positive testimonials from satisfied customers. This mailVU client uses the video feedback record to capture shoe reviews! As we mentioned before, if you’re looking to include some of the more glowing testimonials on your website, you can also do that with the Business Plan’s video embed feature; take a look at this testimonial from a happy mailVU user:

Video: Testimonial Recording using mailVU

Video Testimonial from Garrett Droege of JJ Wade Insurance

Attention Educators: If you are an educator you’ll be happy to know that mailVU’s recording widget can be used within Learning Management Systems like Angel, Moodle, GoCourse, and Blackboard. Students can record video course reviews, providing honest, real-world feedback for future students. Share the best video testimonials in your marketing efforts. Use the less-than-positive feedback for course development and improvement initiatives. This article shows how to embed mailVU videos in Blackboard.

Video is a powerful, versatile medium and it offers better engagement than a text-only message. Our online video platform makes it easy to collect, distribute and showcase testimonials. Questions? Contact us by video or email


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