When You Can’t Talk Live, Send a Video Message

mailVU free video email

mailVU free video email

As someone who works with an outstanding video messaging service, even I have to admit that video-calling platform Skype is a pretty cool product too. With it, you can see and talk to your friends and family all over the world from your computer, for free! You don’t have to use the phone and talk up your anytime minutes or worry about insane long-distance charges. My husband uses it to chat with his best friend who moved to Saudi Arabia a couple of years ago. They get to see each other and discuss what’s going on in their lives though they’re almost literally a world apart.

Skype’s partnership with Facebook, makes it even better for users of both tools. You don’t have to log out of one and into another to chat – as long as the person you want to speak with is available.

Ok, I’ve gushed enough about Skype – like many wonderful and popular things, there is a downside to the video calling service. Both users have to be on at the same time. In my husband’s case, he has to coordinate with his friend to make sure they’re both awake when they Skype each other, which means mid-afternoons for my husband, late nights for his friend. Users also must download Skype’s software.

With mailVU’s video recording software you can record for 10 minutes.

mailVU lets you record for a full 10 minutes. Along with sending video via email, we allow you to share your video with a short URL link. Place your mailVU video link in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…anywhere! Unlike Skype, mailVU doesn’t require either the sender or recipient download anything.

The other best thing about sending a mailVU video email? You can allow it to be viewed several times, or set it to ‘self-destruct’ after one viewing. That’s right. Self-destruct. How James Bond-esque is that?

Imagine letting your recipient view your message over and over again. If your significant other lives far away, they can see your face and hear your voice as much as they want! If your children or grandchildren are in another state or another country, the same thing applies – and you can share their faces and voices by forwarding the message to others.

mailVU for Business

In the business world, it’s difficult to use Skype for anything more than meetings or interviews. With mailVU’s video recording software, you can train employees, educate customers on your products or make special offers. Our Business Plan, which offers messages branded in your company’s logo and colors (see example mailVU branded video email), provides an engaging advertising/marketing vehicle with each video mail sent. mailVU’s Business Plan includes a customer video testimonial recorder for your website. Be sure to check it out, there are a ton of other features included with it.

Skype’s an awesome service that has created a low-cost way for people to talk across time zones and continents. We are happy to see them enter the video messaging space. mailVU’s amazing service offers so much more for privacy, and for business branding. Try our free video messaging service today!


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